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Hands-on, Organized, and Proactive

Building a new home comes with it’s fair share of details and challenges that can make even the most experienced home buyer overwhelmed. We found Angie Scherzer to be the hands-on, organized, and proactive agent we need to keep us focused and on track. She kept us updated on each step of both our new construction projects, and brought to our attention many important details that we would have never considered. Angie was always looking out for our best interest, and in the end saved us money and prevented a lot of hassle that could have easily come our way.

Having Angie Scherzer by our side during two new construction purchases put our mind at ease, and allowed us to end up with two great homes and two terrific move-in experiences.

We would recommend Angie’s energetic and customer-focused service to anyone we meet.

– Alicia and Brent Boydston

Highly Recommended

A few years ago my wife and I went through the agonizing task building our house at SouthGlen at Cedar Creek. While this decision created a lot of anxiety in our household, the entire process was made almost stress free with our realtor Angie Scherzer. Angie not only simplified the process for us, her experience in new home construction put my wife and I at ease immediately. Angie’s relaxed demeanor is backed up by years of experience and creates a sense of confidence for buyers that my wife and I especially appreciated.

Specifically, Angie demonstrated her value as a realtor to us when we had major issue with our kitchen cabinets. Not only did she handle the situation with a high level of professionalism, she exceeded our expectations and resolved the issues for us without any additional cost to us. Ultimately, it was a win-win situation for us and the builder. A mistake was made into one of the focal points of our home with Angie’s recommendations and abilities.

Not only would we highly recommend Angie, we have. She has represented several of our friends in new home construction and they feel similarly in her level of service.

Pat and Missy Hughes

Thank You So Much

Thank you so much for all of your help in helping us find the perfect home! We couldn’t have done it without you and appreciate you more than you know! Thank you!

– Kate and Cole

Above and Beyond

I wanted to thank you for the above and beyond service you’ve once again provided to my family. From my standpoint, deciding who to help us sell our old house and buy a new one wasn’t much of a decision; but there was a catch. Though I was familiar with the purchase process for an existing home, this was, as you know, my first venture into new/ built to spec home buying.

As you predicted, the differences were many. However, just as you had done for Kerri and I in the past, you worked is through each nuance without a glitch. You know me and my propensity to micro-manage such matters, but during the course of the build you kept me more in touch with the status of the project than I could have ever hoped to have stayed going in.

In my business, we consider the most valuable tool in serving our customers to be listening. Listen to what client wants; listen to how they communicate; listen to what they’re not telling you; ect. I am always pleased to have someone treat me (as the client) the way I try to treat my customers. It is a very rare thing, but since you once again excelled beyond our expectations, I thought I’d let you know.

Again, all the thanks in the world. I don’t offer to reference someone’s service very often, but I’d be happy to promote your customer care and dedication any time.

Todd Dupriest

Thanks for Everything

Thank you for all your help and efforts this past month! We are in love with our dream home! Also, for putting up with my calls, texts, and questions at any given hour! We will miss working with you but will definitely drop your name whenever we can! Again, thanks for everything, we couldn’t be more happy with our home! All the best…

– Quinton and Abby Tubbert

Love the House

Thanks so much for giving us your Wednesday! We are excited about the move and love, love, love the house!!! You really pegged us well- you are great at what you do.

– Matt and Bethany

Angie Offered Much Assistance

My husband and I entered the world of home building 3 years ago, with the help of Angie. She held our hands along each step of the process. Angie offered us many suggestions about what to look for in a house and a builder and suggested meeting with the person building the model of our choice. She participated in the meeting with us and assisted in interviewing the builder. Getting to know the builder was important to my husband and I, as we wanted to have open communication with the person building our home, Angie assisted us in achieving this. The home we were building was in a newer neighborhood, therefore had agents on site to support the builders. Angie offered much assistance in working with these agents, as one of them was a most unpleasant person. Angie handled correspondence with he agent in order to make the home building process smooth for my husband and I. As the typical home building issues surfaced, Angie was always available to assist in finding a solution. Angie has a keen eye for detail which helped us to achieve our goals in obtaining the house we were looking for. Our home building process was pleasant and if we embark on the adventure of building again, Angie will certainly be involved in the process.

– Wayne and Beth McCoach